Fundraising just got cool.

The Cool School Mobile Plunge gives schools the opportunity to rally around inclusion while participating in a unique and wildly fun event!

The concept is simple: staff and students register and fundraise money for Special Olympics Michigan and their school, teams, clubs or groups. In the process, participants earn awesome incentives and get the chance to jump into freezing cold water. The day of the event, we bring the Polar Plunge directly to your school with the Plungester, a custom-designed mobile Plunge pool!

Are you interested in fundraising with the Polar Plunge?

You can join as at one of our in-person Cool School Plunge events, or you can host your own!

In-Person Cool School Plunge Details

Your cool school team will arrive at the host school, where you will wait on your bus (or in cars) until it is your school’s assigned “plunge time”.  Being COVID-cautious, we are limiting the interaction between schools participating at this event; in the future we’ll kick things off with a big Unified Pep Rally!

Host your own Cool School Plunge

Want to host your own event at your school?  You can rally your plungers, and we’ll send you a Cool School Plunge Kit, complete with sprinkler and slip-n-slide OR an assortment of blow-up kiddie pools; the choice is yours on how you’d like to be bold and get cold to support Special Olympics Michigan! 

We’ll send the shirts and incentives for plungers directly to you, and we will coordinate pick-up of any fundraised money turned-in the day of the event.